Doesn't anyone want me?

Doesn’t anyone want me?

Probably the most common question we are asked is:

“Have you sold your house?”

Then when we say, “No”, the obvious follow-up, “Is it on the market?”

Well, yes it is on the market and has been since November, and no it has not sold, no offers either, not even a ridiculous low ball offer. So what gives with the title, “SOLD!” Excellent question.

Last summer we knew there was a good chance we would be heading to Africa in the next year or so, and we knew that the kids were not going to be living at home anymore during the summer and so we started talking about selling the boat. Last July I happened in on a conversation between two of my radiologist friends, and being the Nosy Nate that I am, I asked what they were talking about. Turns out that the one with lots of kids had been out on a friend’s boat the week before and the kids loved it. Now they were giving Dad a hard time about getting a boat. So I quickly interjected, “I’ve got a boat I will sell you, I just need it back for a few days the end of August when Jonathan and Lindsay are home.”

Now my experience is that these sidewalk sales pitches hardly ever work out, but as we talked I realized that I had the perfect boat for my friend. I just had to convince him that I had the perfect boat for his family. Two nights later he and his wife came at looked it over, then two nights after that we took it out for a test run, and he bought it! Wow, easiest sale I have ever made. You have to understand that Bekki and I would lose money if we had the sole water concession in the Sahara Desert. We can’t sell stuff unless we essentially give it away.

So for the last 10 months we have been selling, selling, selling. It’s amazing how I can find someway to give a sales pitch on something we need to get rid of in just about any conversation. And by the way, thanks to all my friends and co-workers for putting up with all the sales pitches with such grace and humor. And special thanks to all of you who bought something!

One by one stuff has sold, yea we had a garage sale that was modestly successful, but mostly it was sold through word of mouth, Craigslist, and the paper. What has been amazing though is that everything has sold at just the right time, when we really didn’t need it anymore. My motorcycle, the dining room set, the freezers. The freezers didn’t sell until we had eaten enough food out of them that we could put the residual in our kitchen freezer. The beds sold the day after Archie and Dee Willis set up their motorhome for us to use. We had been trying for weeks to sell the beds.

The most amazing was the Trailblazer. We needed both cars until the very last day. Then we needed to sell one car and keep one. Do you have any idea how hard it is to sell a specific car on a specific day? I don’t either, but it sounded really hard. Along came Ron and Becky Parks. They bought the Trailblazer, but bless their hearts did not take possession until we no longer needed it. What a blessing.

So back to the house. It now sits empty, unsold, and as we just found out, with water on the floor in the upstairs master bathroom. Despite our dear and wonderful friends who are keeping an eye on it for us, and Archie who mows the lawn every few days, it is a strain to have an unsold empty house.

Even though my dream of closing on the house the day we left Clarkston did not come true, and questions about selling the house should hit a raw nerve and be a sore point, it is not. For one simple reason, it’s not my house or Bekki’s house, it is God’s house. And as we have done with all our homes, we dedicated it to God’s service when we bought it. So it is not our problem, if God wants to let His house sit empty, that is His business. We don’t know when or how it is going to sell, or if we will have to rent it out. But we do know that God will sell it or rent it at just the right time, because He sold all of things we needed to sell at just the right time, and I have no reason to believe that the house will be any different.

“We have nothing to fear for the future, except as we shall forget the way the Lord has let us… in our past history.” E.G. White

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– Scott Gardner


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–Scott Gardner