We have been asked by the World Headquarters of the Seventh-day Adventist Church to serve as missionaries to West Africa. Scott is a General Surgeon and Bekki is a Registered Nurse. The mission term is for five years, but at this time we plan on completing our medical careers in the mission field. We have two children, Jonathan who is starting his Masters of Divinity program at the SDA Seminary at Andrews University in Berrien Springs, MI.  Lindsay is our daughter who graduated on May 8, 2016 from Southern Adventist University with a degree in Biology and teaching certificate for Science, grades 6-12. She will start her career at the Taipei Adventist American School in Taiwan teaching the eighth grade.

After 27 months at the Adventist Surgical Center in Moundou, Tchad we were called to Waterloo Adventist Hospital in Sierra Leone, where Scott is the Medical Director. We began our work there on April 1, 2016. Scott will be developing the surgical department as well as working with the local administrative staff on hospital development. Bekki will serve as Supervisor of Clinical Services and Materials Management.   As Sierra Leone recovers from its devastating battle against the Ebola virus we have found the needs here to be great. We are always happy to welcome committed volunteers, for short term missions or longer ones. We also welcome Student Missionaries from SDA colleges and Universities.

You may contact us at scottgardner56@gmail.com.

It is our prayer that our blog will inspire you to serve our God wherever He calls you.

-Scott and Bekki Gardner

13 thoughts on “About

  1. I am excited about your commitment!
    I have had the good fortune of serving 2 short-term eye surgery missions at Banso Baptist hospital in Cameroon. I am hoping to make another trip in October of this year.
    I will be praying for you two, and thanking God for your work.
    Michael Cunningham

  2. Dear Scott and Bekky,

    As I was reading the description of your arrival at N’djamena and your trip to Moundou, tears were pouring out of my eyes. But also smiles and even laughs. Yes dear friends ! You are in Africa and in Tchad. Definitly. No doubts about it ! And I shared this experience just as if I was travelling along with you. May God blesses you and helps you on this deprived land. But brotherhood has no limits. Isn’t?

    With love


  3. Scott, Bekky,
    En lisant le récit de votre vie quotidienne, oui, je crois que vous êtes le sel de la terre et la lumière sur la montagne. Votre vie est pour moi et certainement pour d’autres qui vous lisent, la démonstration que les valeurs profondes de la foi chrétienne transcendent toutes les misères du monde. Vous avez donné un sens profond à votre vie…. et vous redonnez du sens à la mienne. Merci pour ce courage “d’être au monde” que vous me redonnez.


    • Bonjour M. Villeneuve! You were my beginning French teacher in Collonges from 1992-1993. I am sad to say that while I can read your comment in French, writing would be laughable…so I am sticking to English here! My classmates that year were Angela Fals, Raquel, Michal Spitlei…you were a wonderful teacher and I remember my time in Collonges with much gratefulness and fondness. I am also happy to say that while I never used French extensively,it has come in very handy for some volunteer work here and there in W. Africa over the years. thank you for teaching us, for mentoring us, and for believing in us! Wonderful to ‘hear’ your voice and see your name!

  4. I have been following your blogs for several months & have read all of 2014 to date. I also share them. I’m too old & partially broken to go as you have gone, but it warms my heart to read what you are doing. Recently a blog by Dr James Appel was fwd to me. It had been
    posted on facebook. Both a friend in another state & I would like to also get his posts, but
    neither of us does facebook. I have searched but can’t find anything which indicates that he
    also sends email blogs. If you happen to know how I can email him to be added to any email blog he might have I would be very appreciative. Thank you, Leilani McNeely

  5. Scott;
    I understand there is a need for orthopedic care at Mondou and the ortho dept at LLU has very graciously offered to sponsor me for a short term mission appointment somewhere.. Could I do some good there??? What equipment do you have ? I understand that you have applied to get SIGN nails. Do you know what is needed to complete that process? I am not far from Lew Zirkle and his SIGN foundation. Maybe I could be of some limited help. Anyway, I would be excited to help if I can and would be most happy to talk with you all. IDK if you do Skype, but you can call me at (509)731-0044 or E-mail probably works better steve9534@yahoo.com. Thanks. steve roesler md.

  6. I have just read your blog and want to wish you both well in your new venture in Waterloo. It’s a very special place to me as trustee of Waterloo Schools Charity which was begun in 2005 by my husband Laurie and which we now continue from UK in his memory, Laurie passed away in 2014. He was principal at Peninsula Secondary School in the 1960s and returned to Sierra Leone in 2003, after retirement, to work at Goderich Emergency Hospital as an orthopaedic surgeon. Unfortunately my health prevents me from visiting Africa but our trustee Kenneth Kromanty keeps me posted on developments at the schools. Please look at our website http://www.waterloo-schools.org to read the full story and receive regular newsletters by clicking the subscribe tab. God bless you both in your important work in Waterloo. Sue

  7. Thank you for sharing your life and stories. I have just stumbled on this blog today and I cannot stop reading. I am a doctor and Adventist in Africa and I relate to all of your descriptions of events in and around the hospital, it’s like reading about my hospital here…Africa is really more alike than it is different. You have also encouraged me to go on and do something I have been putting off for a while – to write and share my experiences working in a hospital with very few resources and among people that are often very poor but with a big heart and who have so much to give to the world. God bless and guide all your future endeavors. Thanks. Tamara

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