DSC_01172016 Schedule

April 1 – Arrival in Sierra Leone to start work at Waterloo Adventist Hospital

May 2 – Arrive in Chattanooga, Tennessee

May 8 – Attend Lindsay’s graduation

May 9 – Drive to Silver Spring, Maryland

May 17 – Fly to Loma Linda, California, meet with Donn Gaede, Jerry Daly, and the AHI Staff

May 19 – Fly to Lewiston, Idaho for a week with Archie and Dee

May 20 – Speak at Rotary

May 21 – Speak at Good News Fellowship, Clarkston; and Clarkston SDA church

May 22 – Meeting at Wilkinson’s home, Lewiston, Idaho

May 25 – Speak at Rotary

May 26 – Visit grand-niece Amelie (and parents Andrew and Fiona)

May 27-29 – Tillamook, Oregon

May 29 – Return to Clarkston, Washington

May 31-June 2 – Return to Chattanooga

June 14 – Back home to Sierra Leone!

October 13-16 – Loma Linda for AHI Meetinging

November 11-13 – France for AMALF Meetings

3 thoughts on “Timeline

  1. Is Jonathan in Tennessee? I’m trying to guess, why Chattanooga? I think I should know but don’t… AHI?

  2. The hospital in Waterloo is an incredible hospital. Last December, I left my home here in Montclair, Virginia and traveled to Sierra Leone after shipping a forty-feet container. One of the young ladies that was helping us in the store where we packed our goods suddenly got very ill, complaining of severe stomach ache. We got a cab and took her to the nearby Chinese Hospital in Cline Town where they gave her an IV, kept her for four hours and sent her home. Overnight her condition worsened. I called David Koroma, a good friend of mine who was interim director at the hospital and he told me to send the young lady there. Within minutes after the young woman arrived, they discovered that she needed an appendectomy and did the surgery within a few hours. Today the young woman is well and alive, and the entire surgery cost less than $300. I later learned from Hannah’s family that they knew she had an appendix problem for years, but they could not afford the surgery. This young lady would have died without the timely intervention of Dr. Koroma and his staff. With Dr. Gardner at the helm greater things are going to happen at Waterloo.

    Jacob Conteh
    Virginia, USA

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