DSC_01172016 Schedule

April 1 – Arrival in Sierra Leone to start work at Waterloo Adventist Hospital

May 2 – Arrive in Chattanooga, Tennessee

May 8 – Attend Lindsay’s graduation

May 9 – Drive to Silver Spring, Maryland

May 17 – Fly to Loma Linda, California, meet with Donn Gaede, Jerry Daly, and the AHI Staff

May 19 – Fly to Lewiston, Idaho for a week with Archie and Dee

May 20 – Speak at Rotary

May 21 – Speak at Good News Fellowship, Clarkston; and Clarkston SDA church

May 22 – Meeting at Wilkinson’s home, Lewiston, Idaho

May 25 – Speak at Rotary

May 26 – Visit grand-niece Amelie (and parents Andrew and Fiona)

May 27-29 – Tillamook, Oregon

May 29 – Return to Clarkston, Washington

May 31-June 2 – Return to Chattanooga

June 14 – Back home to Sierra Leone!

October 13-16 – Loma Linda for AHI Meetinging

November 11-13 – France for AMALF Meetings


2 thoughts on “Timeline

  1. Is Jonathan in Tennessee? I’m trying to guess, why Chattanooga? I think I should know but don’t… AHI?

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